Electrochemical and Infrared Studies of the Reduction of Organic Carbonates

Xuerong Zhang, Robert Kostecki, Thomas J. Richardson, James K. Pugh, Philip N. Ross
2001 Journal of the Electrochemical Society  
The electrochemical reduction of five organic carbonates, EC, PC, DEC, DMC and VC were studied via cyclic voltammetry at a Au electrode. More detailed studies of the chemistry of VC reduction were carried out using IRRAS at a glassy carbon electrode. The measured reduction potentials for EC, DEC and PC were consistent with thermodynamic values calculated using density functional theory (DFT) assuming one-electron reduction to the radical anion. The experimental values for VC and DMC were,
more » ... r, much more positive than the calculated values, which we attribute to different reaction pathways. The role of VC as an additive in a PCbased electrolyte was investigated. We confirmed stable cycling of a commercial lithium-ion battery carbon anode in a PC-based electrolyte with 5 mol % VC added. A surface layer indicative of preferential reduction of VC in the PC-based electrolyte was observed by IRRAS with both a glassy carbon and composite carbon electrode. The preferential reduction of VC and the SEI layer formation therefrom appears to inhibit PC co-intercalation and subsequent graphite exfoliation.
doi:10.1149/1.1415547 fatcat:nugrllhcbzekpclzdnwqtgpua4