Kinetic modelling of Fe 3+ ion uptake by zeolite from water

L Ćurković, T Bolanča, M Šiljeg, & Foglar
2014 Indian Journal of Chemical Technology   unpublished
The ability of the natural clinoptilolite (Cp), and its Na-enriched form (Na-Cp) to remove iron ions from acid aqueous solutions has been investigated in the batch system at the initial concentration of 100 mg Fe 3+ /L, pH value of 1.90, and the equilibration time of 30-300 min. In order to establish the Fe 3+ uptake behaviour, the rate controlling step of the process and to determine the coefficients, the ion exchange kinetics have been investigated and the different models usually applied are
more » ... used for description of adsorption kinetics. The Fe 3+ uptake by Cp and Na-Cp is evaluated based on the first-order kinetics, modified Freundlich and Elovich models, parabolic diffusion and heterogeneous diffusion models. Developed models can successfully describe the ion exchange processes between Fe 3+ :Cp and Fe 3+ :Na-Cp. In addition, the results show that the natural Croatian clinoptilolite enables efficient removal of iron from water.