Biomaterials. The Behavior of Stainless Steel as a Biomaterial

Sanda VISAN, Rodica Filofteia POPESCU
2011 Economia: Seria Management  
The biomaterials belong to the broad range of biocompatible chemical substances (sometimes even an element), which can be used for a period of time to treat or replace a tissue, organ or function of the human body. These materials bring many advantages in the diagnosis, prevention and medical therapy, reducing downtime for patients, restoring their biological functions, improving hospital management. The market in Romania sells a wide range of biomaterials for dental, cardiovascular medicine,
more » ... nal, etc. Scientific research contributes to the discovery of new biomaterials or testing known biomaterials, for finding new applications. The paper exemplifies this contribution by presenting the testing of passive stainless steel behaviour in albumin solution using technique of cyclic voltammetry. It was shown that passivation contribute to increased stability of stainless steel implants to corrosive body fluids.
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