Kamusal Alanın Kavramsal Sınırları

Mustafa Minarlı
2019 İnsan&İnsan Bilim Kültür Sanat ve Düşünce Dergisi  
The aim of this study is to outline the conceptual limits of public sphere that are commonly mentioned theme on social theory. What the public sphere comprise in phenomenologically, what type of functions it displays creates the main problematics of the enquiry. In this regard, this study first and foremost mentions on the works that gained the todays theoric meanings of public sphere. Hannah Arendt, Jürgen Habermas, Oskar Negt-Alexander Kluge, Richard Sennett and Nancy Fraser's role in
more » ... r's role in including this concept into political theory. Following, it has been questioned if the meaning of this concept in todays and previous history ever had any changes or not. In this direction the semantic roots and uses has been researched. Afterwards, the difference between public space and private space researched for publicity and pluralism established the founding qualities of the concept. In this work, at last, the relations between political space with politics and democracy was touched upon. This way, it is understood that this concept needs democracy as well as publicity and pluralism for phenomenological integrity.
doi:10.29224/insanveinsan.471081 fatcat:k453vdz5vzdj5oqxmyqaol3b2q