Testing the vacuum oscillation and the MSW solutions of the solar neutrino problem

P.I. Krastev, S.T. Petcov
1995 Nuclear Physics B  
Solar model independent tests of the vacuum oscillation and MSW solutions of the solar neutrino problem are considered. Detailed predictions for time (seasonal) variations of the signals in the future solar neutrino detectors (SNO, Super Kamiokande, BOREXINO, HELLAZ), if solar neutrinos take part in vacuum oscillations, are given. Results on the distortions of the spectra of boron neutrinos, and of electrons from the neutrino-electron scattering induced by boron neutrinos, in the cases of
more » ... oscillations or MSW transitions are presented for a large number of values of the relevant parameters. The possibilities to distinguish between the vacuum oscillation, the MSW adiabatic, and the MSW nonadiabatic transitions (solutions) in the future solar neutrino experiments are discussed.
doi:10.1016/0550-3213(95)00235-k fatcat:ej2s53voujdlpjqlkmuz5b4plm