Propagation Protocol for Jacquemontia reclinata House, A Federally Endangered Species of South Florida

Julissa. Roncal, Jack B. Fisher, Samuel J. Wright, Anne. Frances, Karen. Griffin, Joyce. Maschinski, Matthew W. Fidelibus
2006 Native Plants Journal  
Beach jacquemontia (Jacquemontia reclinata House [Convolvulaceae]) is an endangered endemic plant from southeast Florida that can be propagated by seeds or cuttings. Freshly harvested seeds from cultivated and wild plants can germinate easily in a greenhouse under South Florida ambient conditions. A higher germination success after short-term seed storage suggests an after-ripening effect; however, orthodox methods are acceptable for long-term storage. Soaking treatments do not affect overall
more » ... rmination. Cuttings can produce new plants when treated with rooting hormone and planted in perlite. Arbuscular mycorrhizae fungi inoculation of cultivated plants is recommended for outplanting into habitats lacking natural fungal inoculum. These propagation techniques have yielded plants used for reintroduction and recovery activities of the species.
doi:10.1353/npj.2007.0009 fatcat:uokypnlkn5gozjptr2pxeqrpzq