Thermal X-Ray Pulses Resulting From Pulsar Glitches [chapter]

Anisia P. S. Tang, K. S. Cheng
2000 Astrophysics and Space Science Library  
The nonÈspherically symmetric transport equations and exact thermal evolution model are used to calculate the transient thermal response to pulsar glitches. The three possible forms of energy release from glitches, namely, the "" shell,ÏÏ "" ring,ÏÏ and "" spot ÏÏ cases, are compared. The X-ray light curves resulting from the thermal response to the glitches are calculated. Only the "" spot ÏÏ case and the "" ring ÏÏ case are considered because the "" shell ÏÏ case does not produce signiÐcant
more » ... dulative X-rays. The magnetic Ðeld (B) e †ect, the relativistic light-bending e †ect, and the rotational e †ect on the photons being emitted in a Ðnite region are considered. Di †erent sets of parameters result in di †erent evolution patterns of light curves. We Ðnd that this modulated thermal X-ray radiation resulting from glitches may provide some useful constraints on glitch models.
doi:10.1007/978-94-010-0878-5_11 fatcat:x4svtbstcfbnfer43fpf3dd24e