Code Transfer in the Domain of Buying and Selling at Traditional Market

Joni Helandri
2021 Proceedings of the International Conference on Educational Sciences and Teacher Profession (ICETeP 2020)   unpublished
One of the most frequent phenomena discussed in a speech event is code switching. Code switching is the transition from one code to another. The phenomenon of code switching occurs minimally in bilingual or even multilingual speech communities; otherwise this phenomenon will not occur in monolingual speech communities. This study aims to find out the code switching used by Lubuklinggau community in making transactions either buying or selling in the Moneng Sepati traditional market. The
more » ... market. The descriptive qualitative is used as a research method in this study. The subject of the research was Lubuklinggau people who sell and buy things in the Moneng Sepati market and the data of Code-switching are taken from recording which was converted into transcription. The Lubuklinggau community which is a nonmonolingual speech community also experiences the phenomenon of code switching. The code which is a speech system in the Lubuklinggau community consists of various variants. Code switching at the speech community in Lubuklinggau is very easy to find, namely in a market where people often make buying and selling transactions and one of them is at the Moneng Sepati market. Code switching consisting of various variants also has various social functions.
doi:10.2991/assehr.k.210227.044 fatcat:7wnwiphlkzdxva43ppwzvqec5u