New Miscellaneous Inventions

1876 Scientific American  
They are first prepared by having them cut the right size in width and about ten inches in length (they can be bought for a small sum at any glass warehouse); clean them, then lay your picture on a pad of blotting paper, and place your glass over it ; the blotting paper will serve as a bed, and the glass will keep the picture in its place ready for tracing the outline, which is done with a camel's hair paint brush,using ivory black, ground up in the best drying oil, made thin with a little
more » ... with a little spirits of turpentine. The best outlines are funny men and women. animals, birds,and grotesque figures, sheets of characters, clowns, harlequins, etc. When done in outline with the black, they are filled in with the trans parent col()ors,mixed up as the black: only use carmine, gam boge, Prussian blue (the more brilliant the colors, the better effect they produce), the above being for red, crimson, yellow,and blue. To form other transparent colors,mix car mine and Prussian blue for purple, and lavender, gamboge, and Prussian blue for all the shades of green, using for light
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican11181876-330f fatcat:3qtkb2pnwbe27fi3axenlfoh4q