A plan for open-space in Suffolk County

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This study proposes to develop an open-space program for Suffolk County that can stand close scrutiny. The actual process or methodology of planning involves a knowledge of what exists, a determination of the needs in terms of desired goals or objectives, the development of an answer or set of alternative answers to meet the needs and finally a means for implementation of the selected solution. The format follows this method. The first three sections- A, B and C- are devoted to data gathering.
more » ... to data gathering. This includes historical and background information, as well as population data, generalized land use information, and data on current recreation, conservation and other open-space lands. Section D describes several current standards, and indicates their relevance to existing conditions, thereby serving as a basis for a determination of current needs. An examination is made in Section E of future needs based on the application of current standards to projected population size and location. Section F is a discussion and proposal of alternative plans to meet the anticipated needs and objectives of the program. The last section is concerned with implementation. There is a general discussion of acquisition methods, as well as specific recommendations and policy guides to insure the realistic accomplishment of the plans.
doi:10.7282/t3v98c5s fatcat:ew43sonn4jg4df4us2g2uky3bq