Simulation von Cyber-Physischen Produktionssystemen in einer Forschungsinfrastruktur [post]

Iris Gräßler
2020 unpublished
The article describes the setup of an experimentation and validation environment by extending a production laboratory: All relevant elements of the production laboratory were equipped with computer systems, so-called "industry 4.0 boxes", and interconnected via a peer-to-peer radio network. The "industry 4.0 boxes" are used to upgrade dedicated sensors for recording machine behaviour and communication technology to be integrated into decentralized production control. In addition, digital twins
more » ... ere implemented to map machine and user behaviour, enable control and support information acquisition and processing. Thereby, a research infrastructure is created for research on potentials of cyber-physical production systems. Research outcomes will be used as a decision basis for companies and for validation of production optimizations. This paper describes the concept and implementation of industry 4.0 functionalities and derives a general concept of simulation platforms for CPPS.
doi:10.31224/ fatcat:k45b7nwwgvfg3ewah3nmpbvgpi