L.V. Guryleva, S.A. Gavrilushkin, T.V. Kabaldina, I.A. Nikolaev
2019 №2(122) (2019)  
The article is devoted to the analysis of the results of the study of the content of the experiences of their pregnancy in women prone to deviant maternity. The article presents an analysis of the problem of deviant motherhood, explores approaches to understanding deviant motherhood, analyzes the definitions of the concept of deviant motherhood by various researchers, and presents the authors understanding of this phenomenon. The factors leading to the formation of deviant maternity, which can
more » ... e divided into three groups: the socioeconomic, family and personal characteristics of women. On the basis of ideas about deviant motherhood and factors of its occurrence, given that family relationships and personal characteristics of parents are important factors in the emergence of deviant motherhood, the authors of the article emphasize the need to analyze the emotional attitude of women to motherhood and pregnancy. The article presents the results of an empirical study of the emotional attitude of women to motherhood in general, to the course of pregnancy, to lifestyle during pregnancy, to forthcoming childbirth, to breastfeeding a baby, to herself, as an expectant mother, to her unborn child in women with different types of attitudes towards pregnancy, among which such types as anxious, euphoric, hypogesognosic belong to the risk group of deviant maternity. A diagram of the conversation is shown, an analysis of the phenomenological composition of feelings and meanings, which has motherhood for women, is presented.
doi:10.25629/hc.2019.08.15 fatcat:wnsnqh6g25bkvat3kktk2ox624