The interplay among prey preference, nutrient enrichment and stability in an omnivory system

LDB. Faria, MIS. Costa
2009 Brazilian Journal of Biology  
Food webs usually display an intricate mix of trophic interactions where multiple prey are common. In this context omnivory has been the subject of intensive analysis regarding food web stability and structure. In a three species omnivory setting it is shown that the modeling of prey preference by the top predator may exert a strong influence on the short as well as on the long term dynamics of the respective food web. Clearly, this has implications concerning the stability and the structure of
more » ... nd the structure of omnivory systems under disturbances such as nutrient enrichment.
doi:10.1590/s1519-69842009000500006 pmid:19967173 fatcat:dvwsprpe6fg4vga3yk6adm6ln4