Reports of Societies

1883 Boston Medical and Surgical Journal  
Manicorno de Jesus, and is situated near the gate of San Vincente. The building is ail altered convent, and not the original building. There are 530 inmates. The rooms for the epileptic, violent, aud filthy patients, are very bad. Restraint is greatly abused. Iu this regard the asylum is a century behind the times. Camisoles, muffs, etc., are used; but, what is worse, there is an iron belt, made iu two segments, connected behind by a hinge, and in front by a screw aud nut. On either side,
more » ... either side, secured by a rivet, is an iron oval chain link, two inches long, to which is attached an iron mauacle or bracelet, opening with two hinges, and secured by a screw and nut. The whole apparatus
doi:10.1056/nejm188311151092004 fatcat:645bljlhmjaqvdb3itflztsdom