Reine Unterhaltung oder Arbeit für den Erhalt der Demokratie?

Hannah Siegl
2019 unpublished
The connection between satire and journalism from the perspective of the producers of satirical formats is a nearly unexplored field in the German-speaking communication science. This thesis tries to close first gaps. Therefore, 36 satirists from Germany and Austria were questioned (interviewed) with a half-structured guided interview on their motivation and aims, their appraisal of satire and the connection between satire and journalism. The satirists can be categorized by similar role
more » ... ns as journalists. They take entertaining roles yet strive for enlightenment as well as critic and control. Their occupation is quite like journalistic ones, but strongly distinguished in their objectives. They dedicate themselves to individualism and subjectivism. Besides, satirists are reliant on journalists as providers of information. Therefore, they can only be seen as a supporting element of journalism at the border of the journalistic field. Most of the satirists see themselves as artists, only a small part as journalists.
doi:10.25365/thesis.55801 fatcat:hij5vvwkpbhxbhxso4ztlvcciq