Mainstreaming the Vocabulary through Multimedia Modules-An Analysis 463

K Devi, M Thirumalai, B Mallikarjun, Sam, B A Sharada, A R Fatihi, Lakhan, Marie Jennifer, S M Bayer, G Ravichandran, L Baskaran, Ramamoorthy (+1 others)
2011 unpublished
Obstacle to Obtaining Fluency Words, words, mere words... the major factor that inhibits the fluency of second language learners. Especially the beginner students find themselves sailing in two boats at the same time as they try to grapple with the structure of a new language and search for the apt vocabulary to use. It is the greatest challenge for the teachers of second language to make the children feel at ease while expressing their ideas and feelings. The flow of the words should match the
more » ... ds should match the speed of their thoughts, for which the vocabulary should be acquired rather than learned. The acquisition normally takes place unconsciously and inductively while the new things are presented with the real situation, whereas the conscious efforts are put forth for learning. This acquisition can easily become possible while the teacher is able to supply the real experiences inside the classroom. Here the multimedia packages come to the rescue. Multimedia Packages The role played by multimedia packages for educational purposes is highly significant. It helps to overcome barriers to fluency and help students and teachers go beyond the four walls of the classroom. It fills the gaps in learning. Those who have properly implemented the multimedia