2015 International Journal of Language Academy  
Language is a mechanism which constantly changes and develops. This change and development effects not only the grammatical elements but also the words within language. While some words are conserved as they are some others fall out of use. The words and forms which have been used in historical period of language but have fallen out of use today are named as the French originated term "arkaik" within related sources and the dictionaries. Arkaik words have a significant position in that they
more » ... on in that they both bear the traces of the thistory and the origin of the language they belong and reflect the cultural wealth of the society.Turkish language has a large vocabulary in terms of archaic words used in literary works. One of the writers using this vocabulary most effectively is Mustafa Kutlu who has a unique place in the recent Turkish narration. Among the factors that make him different and special is wide coverage of folk literature and folklore elements in his works. This is the reason why a considerable number of archaic words used in other Turkish dialects or Anatolian dialects but not used in written language of Turkey's Turkish are encountered while reading his works. His literary work, Beyhude Ömrüm, is interesting in this respect. In this study, the words which may be consdiered as archaic in Beyhude Ömrüm are identified and lined up alphabetically. With the help of the dictionaries and other sources the meanings and historical process of these words are emphasized, and knowledge about their use in Anatolian dialect have been given.
doi:10.18033/ijla.219 fatcat:6ywhdizdx5eodeqp5ghdlsm6uq