Characteristics of the Shuttle Orbiter leeside flow during a reentrycondition

1992 27th Thermophysics Conference   unpublished
A study of the leeside ow c haracteristics of the Shuttle Orbiter is presented for a reentry ight condition. The ow is computed using a point-implicit, nite-volume scheme known as the Langley Aerothermodynamic U p wind Relaxation Algorithm LAURA. LAURA is a second-order accurate, laminar Navier-Stokes solver, incorporating nite-rate chemistry with a radiative equilibrium wall temperature distribution and nite-rate wall catalysis. The resulting computational solution is analyzed in terms of
more » ... ed in terms of salient o w features and the surface quantities are compared with ight data. Nomenclature Acronyms AFRSI Advanced exible reusable surface insulation DFI Developmental ight instrumentation LAURA Langley aerothermodynamic upwind relaxation algorithm OMS Orbital maneuvering system PNS Parabolized Navier-Stokes RCC Reinforced carbon-carbon RCG Reaction cured gas RCS Reaction control system SILTS Shuttle infrared leeside temperature sensing STEIN Supersonic hypersonic three-dimensional external inviscid ow STS Space transportation system
doi:10.2514/6.1992-2951 fatcat:3xwlmrtqffgznbidhnj3vuobvm