Analyzing the Innovative Activity of the Industrial Enterprises of Ukraine in Kharkiv Region
Аналіз інноваційної активності промислових підприємств Харківської області

K. O. Koliedina, Kharkiv National University of Construction Engineering and Architecture
2020 Bìznes Inform  
It is defined that the important role in the development of Ukrainian economy belongs to the industrial production sector, wherein the scientific-technological progress and innovation are generated, presenting this very sector as a «driver» of economic growth. It is determined that the largest number of innovatively active industrial enterprises of Ukraine is located in Kharkiv region. Hence, the article is aimed at researching the status of innovative activity of industrial enterprises of
more » ... iv region. The analysis of the main indicators of innovation activity of industrial enterprises of the region was carried out. It was identified that the share of enterprises that introduced innovations is insignificant, and the share of innovative products sold by them is generally little tangible in the total volume of the products sold. It is reasoned that this situation may indicate a negative tendency of deterioration of the quality of innovative products and its uncompetitiveness in the market. The distribution of the total costs of industrial enterprises of Kharkiv region by the directions of their innovation activity is researched. It is defined that the bulk of innovation costs are directed by enterprises to purchase machinery and equipment, and the share of costs for the internal and external R&D is extremely small, which indicates the imperfection and irrationality of the existing structure of costs. It is determined that the key factor in stimulating innovation activity at industrial enterprises of Kharkiv region is the attraction of the governmental and foreign investments for the development, creation and implementation of innovations, since the main source of innovation financing at present is the own funds of enterprises. It is proved that without changing the present day situation with regulation in the field of innovations, an increase in the competitiveness of industrial enterprises of Kharkiv region in the near future and an acceleration of the pace of their innovative development is problematic.
doi:10.32983/2222-4459-2020-10-67-73 fatcat:c6y263rqkrhetbpw3k463ajjcu