Reframing Seventeenth-Century Bolognese Art: Archival Discoveries. Babette Bohn and Raffaella Morselli, eds. Visual and Material Culture, 1300–1700 15. Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press, 2019. 182 pp. €89. - Redefining Eclecticism in Early Modern Bolognese Painting: Ideology, Practice, and Criticism. Daniel M. Unger. Visual and Material Culture, 1300–1700 8. Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press, 2019. 232 pp. €95

Giancarlo Fiorenza
2021 Renaissance Quarterly  
painter willfully exploits in different combinations that he thinks will speak to his audience in the particular locale where he is working. Attention shifts in chapter 5 mostly to painters active in Brescia, especially Romanino and Moretto. Here Campbell takes on the hoary notion of the Lombard school. He concedes naturalism in the artists' works, but not as "an organic and autochthonous phenomenon" (181). Rather he sees it as a rhetorical strategy born out of local controversies regarding the
more » ... Eucharist (Brescia being particularly close to Protestant lands) from the 1520s to 1540s. The final chapter examines the late works of Titian as a kind of epilogue. As the canon building progressed in the artistic literature of the mid-century, Titian was increasingly made to stand in for Venetian painting. In the works Titian executed for non-Italian patrons, he sought to position himself as a pan-Italian artist; in those made for Italian patrons, he resisted being co-opted into the debates of regional differences. The book is beautifully produced and illustrated, and Campbell provides both overarching arguments and sustained interpretations of individual works of art, many of which are not often discussed in such a broad context. Not every reader will agree with all the details of the diverse chapters. Campbell likes the phrase can be seen (or taken / explained / made), which is another way of saying this is the way he sees or explains. The book will provide ample food for thought in the next years.
doi:10.1017/rqx.2021.122 fatcat:p4tmchdxdvcbdobihzglqwdn2a