Role of Ion Transporters in Plant Responses to Abiotic Stress

Yan Shi, Qiaofen Zhang, Zhouping Liu, Feijuan Wang, Jiarong Pan, Cheng Zhu
2016 Advance Journal of Food Science and Technology  
Plants will be influenced by adverse external factors of the natural environment in the process of growth and development, including biotic and abiotic stress. Abiotic stresses such as high salinity, drought and heavy metals can cause metabolic disturbance, interfere with the normal growth and development of plants, in turn, lead to a drop in the quality of crops. Ion transport through the membrane transport protein to maintain the stability of ion concentration, ion in the cytoplasm of the
more » ... ytoplasm of the relative stability is essential for normal growth of plants. Therefore, study on the ion transport protein has important practical significance in abiotic stress responses in plants. This study mainly introduces the recent research progress on the ion transporters involved in high salt, drought and heavy metal stress response, which will help to reveal the regulatory mechanisms under abiotic stress of ion transporters as well as provide evidence for the abiotic stress tolerance in plants.
doi:10.19026/ajfst.12.2906 fatcat:g4beyy5hlvgyjgwob6a37mgrji