Parameteric Optimization on Graphite Plate By WEDM

Sudhir, Shardul, Sachin Dahake
2015 International Engineering Research Journal   unpublished
ARTICLE INFO WEDM is an emerging technology in the field of machining to very complex micro products. WEDM is a very complex process involving the different process parameters. In the present investigation an optimization of WEDM has been carried out using suitable method. The parameters involved are current, pulse on time, pulse of time, and wire speed. MRR and surface roughness are taken as the response criteria. Experimental investigation has been carried out in multi-process Micro-EDM
more » ... e. WEDM process is a highly complex, time varying & stochastic process. This is used in the fields of dies, moulds; precision manufacturing and contour cutting etc. any complex shape can be generated with high grade of accuracy and surface finish using CNC WEDM. The output of the process is affected by large no of input variables. Hence suitable selection of input variables for the WEDM process depends heavily on the operator's technology & experience. However optimum process and its parameter can be utilized to overcome irregularities to a great extent. Integrated to better surface finish and the surface roughness and metal removal rate, the selection of proper combination of machining variables is required. This paper presents an experimental study on Graphite plate. Response surface methodology (RSM) technique has been applied to optimize the machining parameters for minimum surface roughness and maximum MRR. The design of experiments (DOE) is done in tag chi L18 orthogonal array (OA)