Towards Sustainable Development In The Third World: Design Of A Large Scale Biodiesel Plant

I. A. Daniyan
2017 Zenodo  
Engineering and technology is key to sustainable development. It has become imperative for third world yearning for sustainability and economic prosperity to build indigenous capacity as a driving force for technological breakthrough in vital sectors. In this work, key sectors such as energy, power, infrastructure, agriculture, manufacturing, ICT etc. that plays pivotal role in enhancing sustainability were examined with their impact or otherwise on sustainable development. Also, the road to
more » ... tainability demands deviations from conventional source of energy and transition to renewable sources so as to reduce the threat of fast depletion of fossil fuel as well as minimizing safety, economic and environmental challenges associated with fossil fuel. This work also examines detailed design of large scale biodiesel processing plant and the prospects of biodiesel as a green and safe alternative source of energy for powering diesel engines. Biodiesel a clean burning alternative to fossil fuel, produced from domestic or renewable agricultural resources is a product of transesterification between triglycerides and alcohol and has similar properties to fossil diesel hence can be used in diesel engine of cars and buses with or without modifications. An intensive and cost-effective process configuration which involves integration of all operations and steps involved in the production of biodiesel into one single unit was designed. This will serve as a model for developing countries striving for energy sustainability.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.893511 fatcat:lyoqtmizfjdwfcslorwop2pyva