The structurally similar neuropeptides adipokinetic hormone I and II are derived from similar, very small mRNAs

B E Noyes, M H Schaffer
1990 Journal of Biological Chemistry  
The grasshopper neuropeptides adipokinetic hormone (AKH) I and II were among the first of an extensive family of structurally similar arthropod hormones and neuroregulators to be isolated and sequenced. This paper reports the cloning of cDNAs derived from the unusually small mRNAs (550 bases) which code for the precursors of AKH I and II from Schistocerca nitans. Sequence analysis of the cDNAs indicates that AKH I and II are derived from small precursor proteins (63 and 61 amino acids) which
more » ... ino acids) which are 55% identical in amino acid sequence. Each contains a 22-amino acid hydrophobic leader sequence followed by the AKH I or II sequence and an additional 28-amino acid carboxyl-terminal peptide of unknown function. Significant homology at the nucleic acid level (64% identity) is confined to the coding region of the mRNA sequences. Preliminary DNA blot analyses suggest that a single gene codes for each, and that the genes for AKH I and II may be linked. Genomic blots from various tissues fail to suggest that the high level of expression of AKH in the corpora cardiaca is due to tissue specific gene amplification.
pmid:2294116 fatcat:ohendrecizfcbc35r5kibrtpmu