Thermal and Dielectric Properties of LiF-Doped MgO Ceramics
LiF첨가 MgO 세라믹스의 열적·유전적 특성

Shin Kim, So-Jung Kim, Kyung-Jin Nam, Hansol Cha, Sang-Ok Yoon
2015 Journal of the Korean Institute of Electrical and Electronic Material Engineers  
Sintering, microstructure, thermal conductivity and microwave dielectric properties of xLiF-(1-x)MgO ceramics (x=0.03∼0.10 mol) were investigated. The high density was obtained in the specimens of x≥0.06, i.e., 0.04 LiF-0.96 MgO in mol, whereas the amount of 0.03 mol LiF was insufficient to densify. From the result that the contact flattening in the sintered specimen was observed, the densification occurred through the liquid-phase sintering. The specimen of x=0.06 showed the highest
more » ... ature thermal conductivity. Relative density, thermal conductivity, dielectric constant, and quality factor (Q×f) of the specimen for x=0.06 sintered at 900℃ for 4 h were 97.8%, 39.2 Wm -1 K -1 , 9.45, and 14,671 GHz, respectively.
doi:10.4313/jkem.2015.28.7.419 fatcat:mtuhzbzryfbhlbchdxzsi6a5oe