2017 International Journal of Advance Engineering and Research Development  
Containers are made up of container images , which are light-weight, executable packages of software. In recent times containers are in boom in the IT world. Although containers are still in a primitive stage of development, they are having increasing use in production environments this is because they promise a streamline, easy to deploy and secure method of implementing specific infrastructure requirements and they also per an alternative to virtual machine. Containerization gained prominence
more » ... with the open source Docker tool, which developed a method to give containers better portability al-lowing them to be moved among any system that shares the host OS type without requiring code changes. The container technology has evolved over period of time to overcome the drawback of the earlier systems. The novel approach aims at scheduling and load balancing of the container. Our results show significant improvement over standard scheduling with Docker. Docker made it easy to build and run containers from the command line. General Terms- Container Scheduling.
doi:10.21090/ijaerd.rtde17 fatcat:dys73hnlhfdotkvw7t4rnelune