Optimization of Convolutional Neural Networks Using the Fuzzy Gravitational Search Algorithm

Yutzil Poma, Patricia Melin, Claudia González, Gabriela Martínez
2020 Journal of Automation, Mobile Robotics & Intelligent Systems  
This paper presents an approach to optimize a Convolutional Neural Network using the Fuzzy Gravitational Search Algorithm. The optimized parameters are the number of images per block that are used in the training phase, the number of filters and the filter size of the convolutional layer. The reason for optimizing these parameters is because they have a great impact on performance of the Convolutional Neural Networks. The neural network model presented in this work can be applied for any image
more » ... ecognition or classification applications; nevertheless, in this paper, the experiments are performed in the ORL and Cropped Yale databases. The results are compared with other neural networks, such as modular and monolithic neural networks. In addition, the experiments were performed manually, and the results were obtained (when the neural network is not optimized), and comparison was made with the optimized results to validate the advantage of using the Fuzzy Gravitational Search Algorithm.
doi:10.14313/jamris/1-2020/12 fatcat:gsf7jzijl5akhpgl34glx3vrf4