Increased expression of SAMHD1 in a subset of HIV-1 elite controllers

E. Riveira-Munoz, A. Ruiz, E. Pauls, M. Permanyer, R. Badia, B. Mothe, M. Crespo, B. Clotet, C. Brander, E. Ballana, J. A. Este
2014 Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy  
Objectives: SAMHD1 and the CDKN1A (p21) cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor have been postulated to mediate HIV-1 restriction in CD4+ cells. We have shown that p21 affects HIV replication through its effect on SAMHD1. Thus, we aimed at evaluating the expression of SAMHD1 and p21 in different HIV+ phenotypic groups. Patients and methods: We evaluated SAMHD1 and CDKN1A mRNA expression in CD4+ T cells from HIV+ individuals including elite controllers (n¼ 12), individuals who control HIV without the
more » ... eed for antiretroviral treatment, viraemic progressors (n ¼ 10) and HIV-1 seronegative healthy donors (n ¼ 14). Immunological variables were measured by flow cytometry. Results: We show that a subset of HIV+ elite controllers with lower T cell proliferation levels (Ki67+ cells) expressed higher SAMHD1 compared with healthy donors or viraemic progressors. Conversely, there was no difference in p21 expression before or after T cell activation with a bispecific CD3/CD8 antibody. Conclusions: Our results suggest that SAMHD1 may play a role in controlling virus replication in HIV+ individuals and slow the rate of disease progression.
doi:10.1093/jac/dku276 pmid:25063780 fatcat:rpq3cx3cizep7ixwjhgcjvpcjm