Intensive Care Foundation Research Poster Presentations

2015 Journal of the Intensive Care Society  
N 2015, 'Using serum hepcidin to identify iron deficiency in previously critically ill patients at time of hospital discharge', 2R Abstract not available 3R Oesophageal sealing and aspiration via a novel nasogastric tube to prevent gastro oesophageal reflux in critically ill patients: Results from a feasibility study B Lane, MT Gwinnutt, BD Murray and N Scawn 4R Prokinetic agents in intensive care -Where are we now? BA Summers, BA McGrath and M Dean 5R The DAISY project: Identifying dysphagia
more » ... acute cervical spinal cord injury J McRae 6R Using serum hepcidin to identify iron deficiency in previously critically ill patients at time of hospital discharge 20R Abstract not available 21R A case note analysis of the reasons for early unplanned acute hospital re-admissions among adult ICU survivors D Nassif, N Jones, E Donaghy, L Salisbury, P Ramsay, N Lone and T Walsh 22R Abstract not available 23R Direct monitoring of physical activity in critical care: Feasibility, tolerability and validity of the ActivPAL accelerometer G Atkins, D McWilliams and C Snelson 24R Mapping physical activity in critically ill patients in a UK intensive care unit: A prospective observational service study J Mortimore, J Rose, N Hart, S Berney and B Connolly 25R Can verbal encouragement and self-reported patient motivation predict active participation in physiotherapy on critical care? CA Lawrence, F Lorencatto and JJ Francis 26R Abstract not available 27R Abstract not available 28R The effect of bed percussion vibration therapy on airflow in mechanically ventilated patients with severe respiratory failure K Morris, L Osman, A Wilson and E Main 29R Mortality in critically ill non-surgical patients with pre-existing pulmonary hypertension Abstract Sedation strategies primarily aim to avoid over-sedation in intensive care units (ICUs), which is associated with adverse outcomes. 1 We recently described a novel
doi:10.1177/1751143715615287 fatcat:ucre5n7x75echhuoksjyrtbfgi