A note on the wild canids (Carnivora: Canidae) of the Horn of Africa, with the first evidence of a new – forgotten – species for Ethiopia Canis mengesi Noack, 1897

Spartaco Gippoliti, Luca Lupi
The first ever reported observation ofa member of the genus Canis well in the interior of the Danakil area (Ethi-opia) offers the opportunity to revise available evidence about the existence of a neglected species of small-sized 'jackal' in the Horn of Africa. A review of historical zoological literature led to assign this small-sized, reddish jackal to Canis mengesi Noack, 1897, originally described from inner Somaliland. Geological and geomorphological considerations sup-port the
more » ... ss of the Red Sea coastal jackal Canis anthus riparius Hemprich Ehrenberg, 1832, typical of the narrow alluvial, sandy coast, while Canis mengesi is found in the volcanic rocky habitat prevailing over most northern Afar (Danakil, Ethiopia).
doi:10.20363/bzb-2020.69.1.111 fatcat:czivvxndbzbpzk2wfrjvniybtu