Treatment of Fracture-Dislocation of the Elbow

Hirofumi WAKE, Masao MOURI, Watarou MATSUSHITA, Hiroyuki HASHIZUME
1995 The Journal of the Chugoku-Shikoku Orthopaedic Association  
W e report the results of surgical treatment in seven cases of fracturedislocation of the elbow. Dislocation of the humero-ulnar joint was associated with fracture of the medial epicondyle (N=1), and fracturer of the lateral condyle (N=1), and fracture of the coronoid process (N=3), and with fracture of the radial head or neck (N=3). We classified three types of complications of bone and soft tissue: type 1 including injuries (failures) of the medial stabilizer of the medial epicondyle and the
more » ... lnar collateral ligament. Type 2 with fracture of the coronoid process, and 3 including injuries (failures) of the latetar stabilizer of the lateral condyle, radial head, and the radial collateral ligament. According to the criteria of Wheeler et al., the results of treatment were excellent in two, good in none, fair in four., poor in one. It is our opinion that surgery is necessary to restabilize bone and soft tissue in these types of cases.
doi:10.11360/jcsoa1989.7.19 fatcat:3oq7loz2zzf2zkeof3dal5igvu