Gan-based Differential Private Image Privacy Protection Framework for the Internet of Multimedia Things

J Yu, H Xue, Bo Liu, Y Wang, S Zhu, M Ding
With the development of the Internet of Multimedia Things (IoMT), an increasing amount of image data is collected by various multimedia devices, such as smartphones, cameras, and drones. This massive number of images are widely used in each field of IoMT, which presents substantial challenges for privacy preservation. In this paper, we propose a new image privacy protection framework in an effort to protect the sensitive personal information contained in images collected by IoMT devices. We aim
more » ... to use deep neural network techniques to identify the privacy-sensitive content in images, and then protect it with the synthetic content generated by generative adversarial networks (GANs) with differential privacy (DP). Our experiment results show that the proposed framework can effectively protect users' privacy while maintaining image utility.
doi:10.26181/6074ff6119113 fatcat:gzeqso6s6rdo7hzt7fqru2kmre