Locating hexagonal and cubic phases in boron nitride using wavelength-selective optically detected x-ray absorption spectroscopy

D. A. Evans, A. R. Vearey-Roberts, N. R. J. Poolton
2006 Applied Physics Letters  
Cubic and hexagonal phases of boron nitride (cBN, hBN) have been identified and located using optically-detected x-ray absorption spectroscopy (ODXAS). Each phase was identified by distinct resonance features in the B K-edge absorption spectra. In a mixed-phase sample of predominantly cBN, combined ODXAS and electron yield measurements suggested nearsurface localisation of hBN. Using x-ray excited luminescence, emission bands due to each phase were identified and applied in wavelength-selective
more » ... avelength-selective ODXAS to locate surface and bulk hBN phases. These combined techniques provide a method of correlating the local structure and optical emission in these wide-gap semiconductors.
doi:10.1063/1.2360910 fatcat:vzv34n7e2zgttgys45ru4na3rq