Storing and Updating XML Data Tree based on Linked Lists

Teng Lv, Ping Yan
2015 International Journal of Database Theory and Application  
XML has become the de facto standard for data exchange and transformation on the World Wide Web and is widely used in many applications of various fields, so it is urgent to develop some efficient methods to manage, store, query, and update XML data. There are two main methods to do this: the first method is a native approach which uses native XML databases to store XML data, and the second method use other mature commercial databases approaches to store and manage XML data considering the
more » ... onsidering the advantages of mature technologies of the commercial databases, especially use relational databases to store, query, and update XML data. For relational databases approach, although it can take advantage of mature technologies of relational databases, it needs to map XML data to relational data. In this paper, we research the problem of how to store XML data so that storing and updating of original XML data can be efficient than relational approach. We proposed a method to store XML data into linked lists with inverted index, in which the relationships between nodes of XML data tree are preserved by the links in linked lists. Inverted index are created for linked lists for efficiently querying and updating XML data tree. Two kinds of updates are considered including inserting a new node in or deleted an existed old node from XML data tree. Theoretical analysis of our algorithms shows that the methods proposed in the paper are efficient.
doi:10.14257/ijdta.2015.8.4.17 fatcat:yyuufju3b5fg7bebuzmruymsc4