Action de la fluorescéine, de l'alizarine, du bleu de calcéine et de diverses doses de tétracycline sur la croissance de la truite et de la carpe

1978 Reproduction nutrition development (Print)  
Action of fluorescent markers on growth of trout and carp. Effects of different doses of fluorescein, alizarin, calcein blue and tetracycline. The doses of some fluorescent markers (50 mg/kg of tetracycline chlorhydrate, 40 mg/kg of fluorescein, 80 mg/kg of alizarin red S and 30 mg/kg of calcein blue) required to obtain good labelling of bone tissue were found to be compatible with optimal growth of trout and carp, and to not affect weight gain. There was no mortality due to fluorochromes.
more » ... fluorochromes. These markers can thus be confidently used, within the physiological values of this report, to study the bone growth and biodynamics of these fishes. However, the present study did not explain some effects of the markers on bone mineralization or their localized effect on skeletal tissues (« calciotraumatic lines »). Injections of high pharmacological doses of tetracycline (500 mg/kg) resulted in high trout and carp mortality ; a significant decrease in weight gain was observed in the surviving fishes. The particularly dramatic symptoms preceding the death of the carp suggest that tetracycline affects both physiology of the liver and the water balance in this species. Results also showed that carp were more sensitive than trout to the
doi:10.1051/rnd:19780704 fatcat:zefbtnro55g5rfjtot7iqtgqhq