Preserving Salience By Maintaining Perceptual Differences for Image Creation and Manipulation

Amy Ashurt Gooch
2017 unpublished
Image creation is an attempt to record a scene for presentation to a viewer. However, there is a precarious mapping between how a scene would be perceived and how an image is perceived. For example, although the human visual system does not have a strong absolute sense of color or intensity, images are stored as a discrete set of color or intensity values at each pixel. The goal of this dissertation is to create perceptually salient images by more directly expressing perceived differences in
more » ... d differences in scenes as displayed differences in images. This dissertation examines two methods of perceptual difference preservation for two long-standing problems: 1) a color to grayscale conversion algorithm that preserves all visible color changes through high-dimensional distance metrics; 2) hidden feature finding techniques that identify correspondences and mismatches between X-ray and visible light images of historically significant paintings through segmentation and local gradient statistics. Several years in the making, my dissertation is the product of no blood, but definitely sweat, and even a few tears, and could not have been done without the support of my family, friends, and peers. Thanking Bruce doesn't seem to be enough, there is nothing I could say to cover how much I enjoy working side by side with him, value his support, and the ability to preview what I am getting myself into.
doi:10.21985/n2jd78 fatcat:mubuvbiaoraihbe4l75olm7wli