Linear π-conjugated systems derivatized with C60-fullerene as molecular heterojunctions for organic photovoltaics

Jean Roncali
2005 Chemical Society Reviews  
This tutorial review covers recent contributions in the area of linear p-conjugated systems bound to fullerenes in view of their application as active materials in photovoltaic devices. The first part discusses the concepts of double-cable polymer and molecular hetero-junction and presents several examples of chemically or electrochemically synthesized C 60 -derivatized conjugated polymers. The second and main part of the article concerns the various classes of C 60 -derivatized p-conjugated
more » ... gomers designed in view of their utilization in single-component photovoltaic devices. Thus, C 60 -containing p-conjugated systems such as oligoarylenevinylenes, oligoaryleneethynylenes and oligothiophenes are discussed on the basis of the relationships between molecular structure, photophysical properties and performances of the derived photovoltaic devices. A brief last section presents some recent examples of surface-attached molecular hetero-junctions based on self-assembled monolayers and discusses possible routes for future research.
doi:10.1039/b415941c pmid:16137161 fatcat:55tknvngojaizillle3uqte3iq