Robust H¿ Fixed Order Control Strategies for Large Scale Web Winding Systems

Dominique Knittel, Marc Vedrines, Didier Henrion, Prabhakar Pagilla
2006 IEEE International Symposium on Intelligent Control  
Demand for improved performance under a wide variety of dynamic conditions and web materials is placing additional emphasis on developing new advanced control strategies. This paper presents centralized and decentralized fixed order H ∞ controller results with model based feedforward for web winding systems which provide improved web tension and velocity regulation. First, mathematical models of fundamental elements in a web process line are presented. A state space model is developed which
more » ... les calculation of the phenomenological model feedforward signals and helps in the synthesis of H ∞ controllers around the set points given by the reference signals. Different H ∞ control strategies with additive feedforward have been validated on a nonlinear simulator identified on a 3-motor winding test bench.
doi:10.1109/isic.2006.285637 fatcat:xnky3ezo5zesva3hljg6kvpsji