Pancreas sparing resection for giant hamartoma of Brunner's glands

Vikas Gupta, Virendra Singh, Naveen Kalra, Kim Vaiphei
2009 Journal of the Pancreas  
Benign proliferative changes of the Brunner's glands account for about 10% of neoplasias of the duodenal bulb. The authors present a case of giant hamartoma of Brunner's glands. The patient presented clinically with vague epigastric discomfort. A pancreas-sparing duodenal resection was performed. The patient made an uneventful recovery and is well at a one year follow-up. The diagnosis was established on histopathology. Duodenal hamartomas are rare and may become very large, mandating surgical
more » ... emoval. A pancreas-sparing duodenal resection is one of the modalities of treating such lesions.
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