Data Mining Based Hybrid Intelligent System for Medical Application

Adane Nega, Alemu Kumlachew
2017 International Journal of Information Engineering and Electronic Business  
Hybrid intelligent system is a combination of artificial intelligence (AI) techniques that can be applied in healthcare to solve complex medical problems. Casebased reasoning (CBR) and rule based reasoning (RBR) are the two more popular AI techniques which can be easily combined. Both techniques deal with medical data and domain knowledge in diagnosing patient conditions. This paper proposes a hybrid intelligent system that uses data mining technique as a tool for knowledge acquisition process.
more » ... Data Mining solves the knowledge acquisition problem of rule based reasoning by supplying extracted knowledge to rule based reasoning system. We use WEKA for model construction and evaluation, Java NetBeans for integrating data mining results with rule based reasoning and Prolog for knowledge representation. To select the best model for disease diagnosis, four experiments were carried out using J48, BFTree, JRIP and PART. The PART classification algorithm is selected as best classification algorithm and the rules generated from the PART classifier are used for the development of knowledge base of hybrid intelligent system. In this study, the proposed system measured an accuracy of 87.5% and usability of 89.2%.
doi:10.5815/ijieeb.2017.04.06 fatcat:wvyzqnbvjnf2xhnlkwlr54x4a4