Induction Heated Jacket Roll-High Temperature Calender Roll for Paper Finishing
誘導発熱ジャケットロール 製紙における高温カレンダロールの展開

Yuzo Matsumoto
An induction heated jacket roll is regarded as an ideal heat roll, which gives uniform surface temperature with a good CD profile. Traditional heat rolls which use heated thermal medium produce uneven temperature profiles and cause higher temperature at the both ends of the rolls. This results in variation in a roll diameter CD profile and finally results in sheet thickness variation. The roll of this paper has an induction heat device inside and is jacketed like a heated pipe. With the
more » ... effect by them, the temperature variation in a radial direction is compensated and the roll CD diameter profile is very well stabilized. Now, super soft calender rolls with a max. temperature of 360 degree C are successfully in operation.
doi:10.2524/jtappij.52.520 fatcat:c5uwspbyljfa3pylew2aqqkv5a