Калмыцко-казахское противостояние в Северном Прикаспии в 1723–1724 гг

Vladimir T. Tepkeev, Kalmyk Scientific Center of the RAS (8, Ilishkin St., Elista, 358000, Russian Federation)
2021 Oriental Studies  
Introduction. The paper examines an understudied period in the history of the Kalmyk Khanate — beginnings of a military confrontation between joint Kazakh-Karakalpak forces and Kalmyk units in 1723–1724. Goals. The article aims at introducing newly discovered archival data about the reign of Khan Tseren-Donduk (1724–1735). Materials and Methods. The source materials are related records stored at the National Archive of Kalmykia (Coll. И-36). The Register of Kalmyk Affairs contains dispatches
more » ... tains dispatches and reports by the Governor of Astrakhan, A. Volynsky, clustered under the title 'About Actual Disagreements and Feuds of Kalmyk Landlords'. The employed historical comparative method makes it possible to specify a chronicle of events on the basis of coinciding events described by all or most of the investigated sources. Results. The 1723 feuds between young Kalmyk princely heirs, Khan Ayuka's death in 1724, and the unsettled order of succession paved the path for Kazakh and Karakalpak invasions of eastern Kalmyk-inhabited territories between the Volga and the Yaik (Ural) Rivers. Conclusions. Despite the actual political factionalism across the Kalmyk Khanate, eastern landlords headed by Dorji Nazarov were able to repel the aggression of hostile groups. The 1724 battle of the Uzen which ended in a defeat of a small Kazakh-Karakalpak unit had important military and political consequences conveying the message that even amidst the lack of solidarity between Kalmyk noblemen any invasion of their lands should turn an essentially arduous task. However, the successful local engagement of the Volga Kalmyks could not stop the subsequent eastward expansion of Kazakhs.
doi:10.22162/2619-0990-2021-53-1-24-32 fatcat:u2gkwj3zfrhz7d6377xudodpya