Effect of Gamma Irradiation on Fruits of Three Pepper Varieties

Ojua, Eugene O., Abu, Ngozi E., Ojua, Doris N., Omeke, Joachin, O., Eze, Nnaemeka, M., Okawnu, Joy, O., Chukwuma, Chukwuemeka, K.
2019 The International Journal of Science & Technoledge  
Effect of Gamma Irradiation on Fruits of Three Pepper Varieties Introduction The production of pepper (chile, bell and specialty-type) worldwide was nearly 200 million tonnes of green pepper and 33 million tonnes of dry peppers in 2013 (Naegele et al., 2016) .However, the global production of peppers was recently estimated at 14.4 billion dollars (FAO, 2016), approximately forty times bigger than what was obtained in the 80's. Clearly, the market and consumption of peppers is still growing
more » ... y owing to its fruits nutritional value, however, consumers choice could be based on the phenotype attributes (Kim et al., 2014) . Selection in fruit crops was probably founded on nutritious, non-toxic, and palatable features. Pleasurable and culinary qualities, including flavor, succulence, juiciness, and other consumer-desirable characteristics were added later (Gascuel et al., 2017) .Due to wide genetic variability and diversity of peppers, alternatives to several new gene rearrangements are possible. Pepper breeding are mainly aimed at features such as productivity, disease and pest resistance, fruit characteristics (bioactive compounds, pungency and flavor), and abiotic stresses (drought, salinity) (Kuhn Ojua, Eugene O.
doi:10.24940/theijst/2019/v7/i1/st1901-020 fatcat:buxhvoym2zer7e3qfj37hhggme