Methodological Aspects of Container Rail Traffic Managed by Transport Organizations

Elena Judnikova
2021 Известия Байкальского государственного университета  
The article considers the state of the container rail transportation market and the competitiveness of its development in Russia. It also reveals the negative factors and problems hindering the development of Russian transit potential as well as characterizes the main container rail operators. Methodological approach for identifying the potential of container railway traffic managed by transport organizations is offered in the research. Several methods are used in the study, such as analysis as
more » ... a way to explore the prospects of container transportation in the Russian Federation, synthesis as a way of combining into a single whole for development of methodological aspects of organizing container transportation and hypothetical method for constructing an algorithm (model) of choosing a strategy for organizing container transportation for participants of the process. The research indicated inadequacy in existing scientific research of the methodological approach used in container shipping traffic strategy for transport companies. It is recommended to take into account the influence of negative factors and problems, hindering the development of container transportation. The study highlighted the need for developing a model while choosing a strategy in container traffic management for transport organizations. Practical value of the study is in methodological approach offered for constructing an algorithm in choosing a strategy for container transportation managed by transport organizations. The article reviews the container market conditions in macro and micro-levels, ranking the profitability of container transportation routes. It is concluded that methodology for calculating the need for fitting platforms will allow transport organizations to optimize investment projects in the market.
doi:10.17150/2500-2759.2021.31(1).80-89 fatcat:dhnii4dkabb57aunhmtnd2is3e