A Case Study of Test Production of Gas from Hydrate Bearing Sediments on Nankai Trough in Japan
일본 난카이 해구 가스하이드레이트 퇴적층으로부터의 가스 시험생산 사례분석

A-Ram Kim, Jong-Won Lee, Hyung-Mok Kim
2015 Tunnel and Underground Space  
Gas hydrate is a solid substance composed of natural gas constrained in water molecules under low temperature and high pressure conditions. The existence of hydrates has been reported to be world-widely distributed, mainly at permafrost and deep ocean floor. Test productions of small amount of natural gas from the on-shore permafrost have been accomplished in U.S.A and Canada, but, world-first and the only production case from off-shore hydrate bearing sediments was in Nankai trough, Japan. In
more » ... his study, we introduce key technologies in gas production from hydrates by analyzing the Japanese off-shore gas production project in Nankai trough in terms of depressurization-induced dissociation so as to utilize planned domestic gas production test in Ulleung basin.
doi:10.7474/tus.2015.25.2.133 fatcat:xhu5vxzhjrconnwexktmtf4nqm