Contribution au Recensement des Plantes Médicinales au Togo : Cas de la Région Maritime

Agody Mireille, Bakoma Batomayena, Batawila Komlan, Wala Kpérkouma, Dourma Marra, Pereki Hodabalo, Dimobe Kangbéni, Bassene Emmanuel, Akpagana Koffi
2019 European Scientific Journal  
The ethnobotany survey conducted in nine markets of Togo maritime region leads to identification of 106 medicinal species in 61 families and 97 genera, including 90 dicotyledons, 6 monocotyledons, and one fern. These different species are used in the treatment of 63 pathologies, of which malaria and Gynecologic disorders are the most common. This vast array of therapeutic indications shows the important role that plants play in medical terms. The infusion and decoction appear as the most used
more » ... as the most used methods of the traditional therapists. Several parts of plants fall into these different preparations. The leaves are the most used. These results of ethnobotanical survey will allow a possible orientation in the choice of target plants for given pathologies and the search for new molecules that are more active.
doi:10.19044/esj.2019.v15n24p329 fatcat:zebe6t4yu5cvvnhib27fqklxby