A Novel Watermark Embedding Scheme using Compressive Sensing in Wavelet Domain

Bin Liao, Jintao Lv
2015 Open Cybernetics and Systemics Journal  
Most existing research achievements of digital watermarking techniques are in transform domain. In comparison with spatial domain, its advantages are larger data volume, higher security and stronger robustness. But its limitations are also obvious: complex computing requirement, weak in resisting attack and anti-extraction. In this paper, a novel blind digital watermarking algorithm is proposed, which performs digital watermark embedding process in Compressive Sensing (CS) domain based on the
more » ... aracteristics of CS and Human Visual System (HVS). The sub-blocks with larger capacity are selected to embed the scrambled digital watermark, considering the non-uniformity of blocks. Besides that, suitable quantization steps are chose adaptively by using quantization method. Experimental results show that the algorithm obtains robust and invisible embedded watermark with larger capacity of data. At the same time, the ability of defending against attack or extraction of embedded watermark is greatly improved. Most important feature in our algorithm is that the watermark can be extracted without any reference to the original image. As a result, the cost of storing carrier data can be saved remarkably.
doi:10.2174/1874110x01509010001 fatcat:qqxfe7b5evcy3iqfzkwodmgdiu