Bathing the Open Eyes in Cold Water

1855 Scientific American  
The manufacture of pottery in all its washed the water gets to the interior, swells The proceedings of this Association are �ranches of earthenware, china, delfware, the porous clay, and makes the whole fabregularly published in the Pacific (San porcelain, &c., is now denominated the Ce-ric rotten. In this condition they will ab-Francisco,) and they show that its members ramic art. This name, which is derived sorb grease; and being made too hot again, are very active, especially among the
more » ... lly among the fishes. from the G;eek, signifying burnt clay. was the grease makes the dishes brown and dis-Drs. Trask and Ayres are enriching the sci originally given to the art of pottery by colored. If an old, ill-used dish be made ence of ichthyology with valuable contribu the French. Like many other arts ithad its very hot indeed, a teaspoonful of fat will be tions derived from the waters of California. rise prior to the known date of its history; seen to ex n de from the minute fi ssures upon PRESERVING TIMBER-To these two gentle bnt from the period when Jeremiah was its surface. These latter remarks apply men (Drs. Ayres and Trask,) as a committee, commanded to "go down to the potter's more particularly to common wares. had been referred the subject of examining house," the ceramic art has, till the present In a general way, warm water and a soft a new method of preserving submerged tim day, been steadily improving, calling to its cloth is all that is required to keep glass in bel' from the attacks of the ship worm. aid every resource of mechanical and chem-good condition; but water bottles and wine They made a report on the 2nd of April, in ical science to co-operate with painting and decanters, in order to keep them bright, must which it is stated that the method was a sculpture, till at length it has become {lne be rinsed out with a littl e muriatic acid, failure. A Mr. Swan had coated a set of of the most valuable departments ot'the in-which is the only substa u ce tha t will remove "ways" in the ship yard of Neefus and dustry of all nations. the fur which collects in them; and t his Tichnor with a preparation to resist the at-When common clay is m' olded into a form acid is far better than ashes, sand, or shot i tacks of the toredo, and it was stated, that and baked, it is called earthenware; and it for the ashes and sand scratch the glass, and while other "ways" beside those un is pretty certain that this was the first step if any shots are lef t in by accid e nt, the lead coated had fallen before the worm, the pre iIi the art of pottery. When clay is mixed is poisonous. pared ones were quite sound. This was
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican05261855-291f fatcat:kod44xn3yfbdfl5sve4uxppwa4