Study of Intelligent Systems in the Department of Education

Somayeh Fattahi, Jafar Zad, Yosef Zadeh
2014 unpublished
With the coming of computers to human life, nobody would not dream it one day, that little box can be overshadowed all aspects of human life. In recent years, information and communication technologies have the greatest impact on human life, and the information and data is transmitted with an unimaginable speed to the farthest corners of the world. The human invention of Internet, which overshadowed on the world with giant shade of its umbrella, practically, the moving massive amounts of data
more » ... e amounts of data are possible by pressing a button. By using of computer, this today world has turned into a world where has a key role and crucial to access and use of useful knowledge. With the Computerization of many of the current affairs, this performed the many daily things of bank by using of the Internet and communication networks at home, electronic learning and Virtual, no need to attend classes, the development and promotion of e-commerce, which is achieved by information technology, and is involved in the welfare of the people, organization , knowledge management and its information management ,that play a fundamental role in transforming individual knowledge into organizational knowledge. And also the management of information and educational resources is very important in electronic learning environment. Because the electronic learning systems hold much information, so to create such environments, must be making in such a way that users can use the existing information, which are useful and effective. Education is the main element in the sustainable development of any country, and electronic learning today is the newest, the most effective and safest methods of individual and organizational learning. Keywords: making of intelligent schools, the successful implementation intelligent systems, Individual factors, Technological, oorganizational structure of mechanics.