A Review of Human–Computer Interaction and Virtual Reality Research Fields in Cognitive InfoCommunications

Jozsef Katona
2021 Applied Sciences  
Cognitive infocommunications (CogInfoCom) is a young and evolving discipline that is at the crossroads of information and communication technology (ICT) and cognitive sciences with many promising results. The goal of the field is to provide insights into how human cognitive capabilities can be merged and extended with the cognitive capabilities of the digital devices surrounding us, with the goal of enabling more seamless interactions between humans and artificially cognitive agents. Results in
more » ... the field have already led to the appearance of numerous CogInfoCom-based technological innovations. For example, the field has led to a better understanding of how humans can learn more effectively, and the development of new kinds of learning environment have followed accordingly. The goal of this paper is to summarize some of the most recent results in CogInfoCom and to introduce important research trends, developments and innovations that play a key role in understanding and supporting the merging of cognitive processes with ICT.
doi:10.3390/app11062646 fatcat:2yrck6p52besnhgjxznywjlfou